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A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...

A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life

CERASMART270 from GC:Force absorbing hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM Block

Force absorbing hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM Block

Natural fit and flexibility

everX Flow from GC:Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

everX Flow from GC:
Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

Strong to the core

FujiCEM Evolve from GC:Innovative resin-modified glass ionomer cement for a trustful performance and enjoyable convenience

FujiCEM Evolve from GC:
Innovative resin-modified glass ionomer cement for a trustful performance and enjoyable convenience

A step ahead

G-CEM Veneer from GC:Light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement

G-CEM Veneer from GC:
Light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement

The perfect flow

Temp PRINT from GC:3D printable light curing composite for temporary crown and bridge

Temp PRINT from GC:
3D printable light curing composite for temporary crown and bridge

GRADIA PLUS from GC:Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Where innovation meets indication

Initial LiSi Press from GC:Press for Perfection

Initial LiSi Press from GC:
Press for Perfection

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:High-strength restorative composite

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:
High-strength restorative composite

Strong like rock

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:
Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Listen to GC Europeʼs Dental Podcast Series recorded at IDS 2019.

Listen to GC Europeʼs Dental Podcast Series recorded at IDS 2019.

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Want to participate in the Essentia Academic Excellence Contest?

Want to participate in the Essentia Academic Excellence Contest?

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May 2018
  • In 2021,GC is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The slogan “Smile for the World” was launched in February 2017, to help the company convey the concept of GC’s contribution to health and smiles of the people in the world.

    To realize the company’s vision of 2021, when the 100th anniversary is going to take place, GC has added another message to the logo: “Since 1921 Towards Century of Health” and started a countdown to mark the last 1,000 days to February 11, 2021. Over the last century, GC has been devoted to the development and provision of dental equipment, contributing to the health of all people. Moving toward the 100th anniversary, the company will strive to further accelerate that effort. Visit GC’s website to follow the status of countdown.

    The logo, marking this momentous occasion, will be used extensively until the 100th anniversary.

    The 21st century is the century of health and GC aims to become the best comprehensive dental care manufacturer in the world. The company hopes that, through providing outstanding dental care equipment, it will continue to encourage people all over the world to live well.

    GC intends to fortify the efforts towards improving the health and smiles of the people in the world. The company will appreciate it greatly if everyone continues to provide guidance and supports towards the realization of its aim.
December 2017 October 2017
  • GC has decided to establish a manufacturing plant in Kawasaki city, in the Japanese Kanagawa prefecture.
    The activities in the three-story building will focus mainly on dental drugs and medicines, including sterile products. The planning is to start the construction in January 2018, aiming for its completion in May 2019. From a strategic point of view, building a new manufacturing plant fits in GC’s efforts to achieve its goal “Vision 2021 Challenge to become the No.1 dental company in the world through making further contribution to the healthy long-living society”.
  • Prof Eric Reynolds won the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science - Innovation
    GC is proud to announce that our industry expert, Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation for his work on improving oral health, including inventing and commercializing Recaldent, a product based on his discovery of a protein in dairy milk that repairs and strengthens teeth. His team has also developed a test and vaccine for severe gum disease which are now being commercialized.
August 2017 June 2017
  • Mr Makoto Nakao receives “highest honour”
    A mutually beneficial relationship between GC and the University of Turku in Finland has been acknowledged with special recognition for Mr Makoto Nakao (GC Corporation Chairman and President & CEO GC International AG), who has received an honorary doctorate from the universityʼs Faculty of Medicine.
May 2017
  • GC-sponsored program aims to promote world peace through collaborative dental projects
    A two days special workshop in May marked the formal launch of the Nakao Bridge to Peace Education Program, a partnership between GC and the international organisation Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders. The aim is for the program’s workshops to become an annual event, providing a forum for students and young faculty from dental schools on opposing sides in areas of conflict to collaborate on finding solutions to societal dental problems, while at the same time engaging in dialogue that promotes understanding, respect and cooperation.
March 2017
  • GCʼs 100th anniversary in 2021: “Smile for the world”
    GC Corporation has decided on a slogan and symbol for the 100th anniversary of our foundation.
    The slogan and symbol will be used throughout our global group of GC companies from April 1, 2017, conveying that “GC contributes to the health and smile of people all over the world”.
  • GC EUROPE IDS Press Conference
February 2017
  • MI World Symposium in Tokyo
    MI World Symposium in Tokyo commemorating GC CORPORATION 95th Anniversary and GC Membership society 60th Anniversary was held at JP Tower Hall & Conference (KITTE) on February 5th, 2017.
January 2017
  • Quality Management Level Research - Awarding ceremony and lecture were held
    On January 31, 2017, the awarding ceremony and memorial lecture of the 9th Corporate Quality Management Level Research (conducted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), sponsored by Nikkei Inc.) in which GC has won its first place were held at JUSE, in its Higashi-Koenji Building.
December 2016
  • Winners of the Essentia contest have been chosen!
    Based on the quality of the pictures, shape and aesthetics of the restorations Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix and Prof. Marleen Peumans chose, on the 7th of December, the 3 winners of the Essentia contest. Congratulations to Ylber Beli Ballazhi, Zilvinas Budrevicius and Ali Salehi! This direct anterior restoration contest was held between September and November 2016 on Facebook and could be joined by all.
    To discover the winning - and participating cases take a look at our Essentia Facebook group:
  • GC was ranked No.1 in the 9th Quality Management Level Research 2016!
    The result of the 9th Quality Management Level Research in 2016 conducted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and sponsored by Nikkei Inc. was announced on November 29. We are quite pleased that GC was highly evaluated and reached the first place, the highest honor in our history, moving up from the 2nd in 2014 and the 6th in 2012.
October 2016
October 2014
  • GC was ranked 2nd in the 2014 Quality Management Level Survey!
    The Nippon Keizai Shimbun Inc. and the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) have announced the bi-annual survey ranking. We are quite pleased that GC was highly evaluated and ranked 2nd, the highest honor in our history, moving up from the 6th in 2012.
November 2013
  • GC EUROPE - finalist EFQM European Excellence Award 2013
    GC EUROPE strives to be a leading example of excellence in business in Europe and was proud to be one of 10 finalists in 2013 for the EFQM European Excellence Award. Having successfully qualifying for the first two EFQM recognitions, GC EUROPE was eligible to apply for the prestigious third-level European Excellence Award.
October 2013 August 2013
November 2012 October 2012
  • GC was ranked 6th in 2012 Quality Management Survey!
    Nippon Keizai Shimbun Inc. and Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers founded this annual survey ranking to actively introduce companies striving to enhance quality for business and society and GC was ranked 6th in 2012.
  • Mr. Nakao received the Deming Prize for Individuals
    The Deming Prize Committee has announced this year winners on October 9 and the Deming Prize Committee has decided to award the Deming Prize for Individuals to Mr. Nakao. The Deming Prize for Individuals is awarded to individuals who fully perform leadership in his/her specialty as a leader of quality control activities in Japan. So far, 74 leading business figures, researchers and educators (64 individuals and groups) have received this prestigious prize from the Deming Prize Committee. The Deming Prize was given to Mr. Nakao because he has promoted TQM, pursuing quality control as the core of management in GC Corporation and the GC Group, and successfully expanded the GC Group into a global company.
April 2012
  • GC Corporation received a certificate of appreciation from the Japan Dental Association and Japanese Association for Dental Science to support Japan during the China Dental Conference 2012 in Chengdu city, Sichuan (April 26 to 28th). GC contributed to the exchange between China and Japan both on dental science and dental clinics.
  • Mr. Toshihisa Hamano, Mr. Norikazu Nakagaki of GC Dental Products Corporation and Dr. Minoru Miwa of Gifu University won the research paper prize for the Japanese society for dental materials and devices 2011 by their co-research article titled “Initiation mechanism of radical polymerization with barbituric acid derivatives” on 14th April, 2012.
    This prize is given to the most excellent research article of the year among the articles in “Journal of Japanese Society for dental Materials and Devices” and “Dental Material Journal” during the year published by The Japanese Society for dental Materials and Devices.
January 2012
  • Eckhard Maedel has been appointed as new President of GC EUROPE.
    GC EUROPE welcomes a new president to spearhead its European operations, Mr Eckhard Maedel.
    Mr Maedel takes up this position following the appointment of previous GC EUROPE president, Mr Henri Lenn, as Director of Global Businesses at GC Corporation in Japan. With close to 20 years of experience in various positions within the dental industry, Mr Maedel is ideally positioned to lead GC EUROPE on a continued path of market leadership and growth.
  • Dr. Alan D. Wilson, who was a co-inventor of Glass Ionomer Cement and enormously contributed to the development of dental materials, passed away on December 17th, 2011.
    GC Corporation would like to express our sincere appreciation on his great contribution to dentistry and extend deepest condolences and sympathy.
December 2011
  • In the wake of the devastating massive magnitude 9.0 earthquakes and a deadly tsunami that struck Japan early in 2011, the nation is in need for help to rebuild the devastated areas. GC EUROPE has committed itself to help rebuild this beautiful country and specifically the dental environment. With your purchase in the period from September 1st until March 31st of any of the participating products, GC EUROPE will donate up to 10% of the sales directly to help the devastated areas through coordination by Japan Dental Association.
  • The most recent information about all GC EUROPE activities can be found on our Facebook pages. Product info, networking possibilities, pictures of training courses and events and so much more. Weʼre looking forward to your visit @
  • To the next GC
    As a 90th anniversary special project, GC Corporation has posted a five-issue series of articles about GC on their website. The latest issue is now online!
April 2011
  • To the next GC
    As a 90th anniversary special project, GC Corporation will post a five-issue series of articles about GC on their website. The first issue is now online!
  • The 89th IADR General Session & Exhibition was held at San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, U.S.A., from March 16 to 19. A total of 3700 oral and poster presentations were given at the meeting and 5500 dentists and researchers participated from all over the world. For more info and pictures, please click here.
March 2011
  • Extract of the speech of Mr. Nakao at the Press Conference at the occasion of IDS 2011:
    “As all of you heard, on March 11th, the northeastern coast of Japan was hit by a major earthquake followed by a disastrous tsunami. Complete cities have been demolished and power plants have been damaged.

    We furthermore would like to take this opportunity to react on a number of questions we received regarding the situation and the well-being of our GC associates. GC Corporationʼs Tohoku sales branch is located in the northern area of Japan where the earthquake occurred. All GCC Associates and their families in this area and all GCC Associates in other areas of Japan have been located and are safe. On March 12th, I initiated an emergency task force which began to support and to rebuild the dental trade industry in the devastated areas. Furthermore the dental professionals will play an important role to identify the victims of this tragedy.

    We can assure you, that the power outage which was executed in greater Tokyo and the surrounding areas does not affect our supply or the production of our products.

    Our working schedule of our Fuji Oyama factory was adapted to these circumstances. The earthquake and the tsunami affected numerous nuclear power plants in Fukushima. As result part of this area around Fukushima has been contaminated.

    Currently we all receive contradicting information from outside of Japan. Please note that all GC factories are in the south central part of Japan. Let me further assure you that none of our products or of our raw materials are affected or contaminated. Nevertheless GCC as a highly quality and customer oriented company with is putting all possible measures in place to ensure products in the same high quality as usual.”
  • In 1921 three young Japanese chemists in Tokyo laid the foundation of what today can be considered as one of the worldʼs largest suppliers of dental products with around 2400 employees and four production sites in Japan, the USA, China and Europe. We are proud of that fact. But we are only too aware that we would never have come so far without the personal motivation and expertise of our staff and customers and the strong relationship we always have with dentists and technicians around the globe. This is why the motto for our 90th anniversary is: “90 years of progress with your support”.
  • It is with pride that we can announce that GC EUROPE has achieved the EFQM Recognized for Excellence 5 stars, the highest level of recognition.
January 2011
  • On October 22 and 23, 2011, the third International Dental Symposium celebrating the 55th anniversary of GC Membership Society will be held in Tokyo.
    The series of “Premium Symposium and Lectures” are scheduled in the upcoming months as a part of this anniversary event, at the brand new GC Corporate Center (Hongo, Tokyo), which will be a new landmark for GC from March.
    For more information, click here.
October 2010
  • GC was ranked 3rd in the 6th Quality Management Survey
    In the 6th Quality Management Survey conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. and Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, GC was again highly evaluated and climbed up to 3rd place in the overall ranking (Last year: 12th).
    In the subcategory ranking, GC was ranked in 1st place for “New Product Development” and ranked in 4th place for “Quality Assurance and Personnel Cultivation”.
July 2010
  • In March 2010, Dr. Kazuo Hirota, Managing Director, GC Corporation was awarded the prestigious Peyton-Skinner Award for Innovation in Dental Materials by the Dental Materials Group (DMG) of the International Association for Dental Research. The Peyton-Skinner Award is given to scientists who throughout their careers have made outstanding contributions to innovations in dental materials.
June 2010
  • On June 2 the completion ceremony of Prostho Research Center was held.
    The research center was constructed in Kasugai City as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of GC Dental Products Corporation, who is a manufacturer of prosthetic tooth. After unveiling, the tour of the research center was organized for the guests.
    Prostho Research Center was built to promote communication and to be a place for the innovative research in order to meet the demands and expectations of the clinicians and technicians.
January 2010
  • Welcome to our renewed website!
    As you may have noticed, the GC EUROPE website has just had a makeover. When visiting other GC websites around the world you will discover that all of them have from now on the same new design with uniform and consistent communication in order to strengthen the GC brand and its online presence. The look and navigation of the sites is new and information has been made more accessible. We hope you will enjoy the site and find the information you are looking for. We would be pleased to receive your comments at
  • We are proudly announcing that we have started the expansion works of the warehouse in Leuven, Belgium. This expansion is in response to increased demand for GC branded products, despite the current economic climate in Europe. First preparation works for this warehouse started January 4th. The expanded warehouse will boast the total storage capacity for finished products to +/- 4500m2 and will allow GC EUROPE to significantly advance its assembly capabilities and order processing. GC expects to take the new expanded facilities in operation beginning of 2011.
    This investment by GC follows on from its recent opening of the GC EUROPE Campus, Meeting and Education Centre in September 2008 at its headquarters in Leuven. This 2-storey, purpose-built, training and meeting centre is set up with the very latest in equipment and amenities and continues to host regular workshops and meetings. Visit the dedicated website to get information about future and past courses.
October 2009
  • GC was Ranked in 12th in the 5th Quality Management Survey
    In the 5th Quality Management Survey conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. and Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, GC was again highly evaluated and was ranked in 12th place in the overall ranking. In the subcategory rankings, GC was ranked 4th for “Quality Assurance and Personnel Cultivation (Education)” and “Development of New Products”.
March 2009
  • Every two years, the IDS is one of the paramount platforms for GC to present its products, solutions and services to our valued partners. We have pleasure to invite you, to visit us in Hall 11.2, stand N010-O019 / N020 - O021, at the International Dental Show in Cologne. For more info, please visit our dedicated IDS website.
December 2008
  • GC EUROPE is proud to announce that it has been granted the EFQM “Recognized for Excellence” award. Following the “Committed to Excellence” award in 2006, this is another step towards our commitment to the improvement of performance and services. GC EUROPE achieved the EFQM certificate in respect of its compliance with criteria such as: results orientation, customer focus, leadership and constancy of purpose; management by processes and facts, people development and participation; continuous learning, innovation and improvement, partnership development and corporate social responsibility.
  • GC Corporation among the top 10 in the Japanese Quality Management Ranking:
    After the internationally renowned Deming Award for Business Excellence and the Japan Quality Medal, the all-encompassing quality efforts of the Japanese GC Corporation (GCC) have again been endorsed by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE): GCC came 8th in the Quality Management Ranking of 500 Japanese firms and manufacturers.
September 2008
  • Today GC is proud to announce the official opening on September 29 of the GC Europe Campus, Meeting and Education Centre located on the GC site in Leuven, Belgium.
    To learn more, please click here to visit the GC Europe Campus website.
October 2007
  • In 2005, GC Corporation was ranked 18th in the 2nd Quality Management Survey which was conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc., and Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers. Now, after 2 years, GC Corporation is again highly evaluated and is ranked 14th in the overall ranking of the 3rd Quality Management Survey. This is based on the survey on companyʼs activities for its quality control, customer care, human resource development etc.
May 2007
  • Inspiration leads to innovation: knowledge transfer in a creative space
    A key factor in the successful history of GC Corporation, is its strong emphasis on research and development. Without knowledge transfer there is no progress, without research there is no development and there are no fresh innovations - this is particularly true in the constantly changing field of medicine. And that is why at the beginning of February 2007, GC Corporation celebrated the completion of the first part of its new and highly modern R&D building in Tokyo.
    For the official press release and pictures, please click here.
February 2007
  • As IDS 2007 is coming closer, we have released our dedicated website. Please have a look at
December 2006 June 2006
  • AEEDC and GC are giving awards for the best published article in international journal on restorative denstistry.
    Please visit the AEEDC site to check if you are eligible to apply.
  • At the end of April GC Corporation celebrated its 85th anniversary with a staff conference and a big ceremony in the city of Leuven (European headquarters of GC EUROPE). Please click here to consult the press releases.
April 2006
  • GC EUROPE Head Office and the training centre have now an OHSAS 18001:1999 certified Health and Safety Management System.
January 2006
December 2005
  • GC EUROPE Head Office in Leuven has now an ISO14001:2004 registered environmental management system.
  • During the ADF exhibition, the Dental Magazine “lʼindépendendaire” has organized an awarding system for best product, service, article, etc...
    GC France received the “Fauchard prize” for GC G-Bond, the winner for the adhesive category.
November 2005
  • On October 8, during 146th Annual Session of American Dental Association in Philadelphia, GC Corporation had the honour of receiving the Dental Trade and Industry Award of Recognition by the Pierre Fauchard Academy.
    The Dental Trade and Industry Award of Recognition may be presented once a year to an outstanding leader in the field for contributions to dentistry.
October 2005
  • GC Corporation was ranked 18th in the 2nd Quality Management Survey, which was conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc., and Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (President Mr. Hiroshi Okuda). This is based on the result of the survey on efforts of each company for quality improvement and customer satisfaction. In other words, the companies who achieved top ranks are companies who are proactively pursuing and implementing quality improvement based on customersʼ feedbacks.
May 2005
  • All texts from the 2nd International Press Conference of GC EUROPE at the occasion of IDS, April 13, 2005, have been published on our Press Centre.
April 2005 March 2005
  • Please already block April 12 to 16, 2005 in your agenda for IDS 2005. We finished our dedicated website, so you can find more details by clicking here.
February 2005
  • Henri Lenn has been appointed as new President of GC EUROPE.
    A new face and dental knowledge for GC: On February 1, Mr. Henri Lenn has become the new President and COO (Chief Operating Officer) of GC EUROPE N.V. He is taking over this position from Dr. Jürgen Eberlein, who after a very successful career of 9 years in Leuven, Belgium, has been appointed as Director of global sales of GC Corporation.
January 2005
  • GC Corporation is pleased to announce the following change in organization to you.
    Dr. Jürgen Eberlein, President and COO of GC EUROPE N.V. will be appointed as a Director of global sales of GC Corporation as of December 21, 2004.
    He will act as President until January 31, 2005, and his position as President and COO of GC EUROPE N.V. will be taken over by Mr. Henri Lenn at the date of February 1, 2005.
    Mr. Henri Lenn has dental background since 1981 and will continue the successful cooperation with your company we have developed over the last years.
    We wish Dr. Jürgen Eberlein and Mr. Henri Lenn a good hand and success in their new position.
December 2004
  • GC Corporation (headquartered in Itabashi, Tokyo and represented by Mr. Makoto Nakao, President & CEO) was certified with the Japan Quality Medal, the highest authority on the quality control in the world.
November 2004
  • Mr. Makoto Nakao has been commended as “A Person of Merit” for the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs by the Japanese Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Mr. Hidehisa Otsuji.
  • We have extended the website of our East European Office with the regional pages of Croatia. Please have a look at
September 2004
  • Please visit our stand at the London Dental Showcase, 14-16 October 2004, ExCeL, London. The number of our booth is N06a.
    Dental Showcase has established a reputation with all members of the dental team as a great opportunity to find out about everything that is going on in the industry. The last two exhibitions at the NEC featured over 250 stands and attracted over 11.000 visitors, more than 5.000 of whom were dentists.
  • On 21, 22 & 23 October 2004, the 14th International Dental Exhibition DENTEX will take place at Brussels Expo. Please visit us at booth nr 502.
  • Please visit us at the ADF exhibition in Paris, from 24 to 27 November 2004. You can find us at booth F30 on level 1.
  • Please visit us at the Nordental in Lilleström, Norway, from 14-16 October 2004. You can find us at booth no B1-01.
  • On 28, 29 & 30 October 2004 the exhibition Swedental will take place in Stockholm. You are welcome to visit us at booth no A10:58.
  • Please visit our stand at the Fin Dental in Helsinki, Finland, from 11-13 November 2004. The number of our booth is 1b11.
July 2004
  • We are pleased to inform that Bart Dopheide has been appointed as a General Manager of International Marketing of GC Corporation and International Department. Bart will also continue working in his current position as the Director of Product Development at GC EUROPE.
June 2004
  • On November 26 and 27, 2004, a Master Course with Michael Brüsch ZTM will be held at our Training Centre. This challenging and practical intensive course focuses particularly on multichromatic, life-like layering build-up and, for the first time, an actual build-up technique for all the framework constructions currently available. For more information, please visit our Training Centre website.
  • On May 24, GC EUROPE launched a new Press Release, containing 3 topics: GC Initial Ti Bonder, GC Initial news and the GC Forum in Cologne. To visit our Press Centre, click here.
May 2004
  • >Since May 11, the East European office of GC EUROPE has its own local website. These webpages will be extended in the near future but you can already have a look @
February 2004
  • GC EUROPEʼs Product Development directors to receive the Best Performance Award in Tokyo.
November 2003
  • From November 26 until November 29, the ADF congress will take place in Paris. GC France is kindly inviting you to pay them a visit at their booth F31. More details can be found on:
  • This year sees the 20th Anniversary of Mr. Makoto Nakao as President and CEO of GC Corporation. In that time he has made an invaluable contribution to global oral health care, being the driving force behind GCʼs dedication to providing high quality products, outstanding customer service and exciting innovations through “cutting-edge” research and development programmes.
  • The latest Press Releases (of October 24, 2003) can be found on our Press Centre. New is the possibility to download the digitalised image files.
  • GC UK is inviting you to visit their booth at the forthcoming Dental Showcase which will take place in Hall 4 of the NEC, Birmingham and will take place from November 20 to 22, 2003. Read more here …
  • On October 31 and November 1, the GC GRADIA Master Course with Ralph Dahl took place at the Training Centre in Leuven. The GC Training Centre organises one more Master course on GC Initial with Michaël Brüsch : to check out all details, please visit the GC EUROPE Training Centre webpage.
October 2003
  • GC EUROPE will be co-sponsoring the Second European Union Conference on Glass-Ionomers, organized by the Queen Mary University of London. This state of the art conference on ion releasing cements for the clinician, materials scientist, and industrialist will take place From May 19 to 21 and will provide opportunities for verbal and poster presentations.
    More information can be found on:
  • New on the GC EUROPE website is the Press Centre: here, the journalists, or anybody else interested, can download GCʼs latest digitalised press releases.
  • To check out all forthcoming exhibitions where GC will be participating, please click here!
  • It is our pleasure to inform you that since September 29, 2003, the GC UK regional website is now on-line. More information on our branch in the UK and its activities, can be found on:
  • GCʼs Training Centre organises two more Master courses on GC Initial and GC GRADIA: to check out all details, please visit the GC EUROPE Training Centre webpage.
September 2003
  • On September 2, 2003 GC EUROPE prolonged the contract of the Toshio Nakao Chair at the University of Leuven, Belgium, for another five years.
July 2003
  • GC EEO has officially celebrated its 10th Anniversary during its Annual Dealers Meeting
January 2003
  • From October 21 till 24, 2002, the 3rd International Dental Exhibition “Stomatologia Urala” was held in Ufa, Russia. This exhibition is seen as the biggest regional exhibition in Russian Federation during this year, with 57 exhibitors from which 24 from foreign countries, organized by STaR (headed by V.K.Leontiev) and the local dental association of the Republic of Bashkortastan (population 4.117.100). Taking into account the opinion of guests and participants of the exhibition, the organizing committee chose 5 exhibitors and gave different diplomas. GC EUROPE received 2 diplomas: for their contribution to the development of their dealer network and for the contribution to modern dentistry and development of new technologies and dental products. We were the only one exhibitor who had so much valuable information by means of leaflets and brochures in Russian for every product on the booth and who was also able to give detailed consultations.
May 2002 March 2002
  • On Friday, 15th March GC EUROPE celebrated the official opening of a new Logistics Centre at its headquarters site in Leuven
September 2001
  • The GC Corporation announces, “Support Activities” in the wake of the recent tragedies in the United States of America
  • Dr. Jürgen Eberlein, President of GC EUROPE, celebrates his 25th. Anniversary in the dental industry
  • GC EUROPE celebrates GCʼs 80th. Anniversary during the 3rd. Symposium on Adhesive Dentistry in Berlin.
February 2001
  • On February 9 and 10, 2001, GCʼs 80th. Anniversary was celebrated in Tokyo. This event was attended by GC associates form all over the world, and representatives of dental associations and schools.
November 2000
  • On November 14, 2000 GC receives as the first company in the dental industry the Deming Award for business excellence.
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