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GC G-Premio BOND

One-Component Light-Cured Universal Adhesive

Believe in zero compromises
G-Premio BOND is a one-bottle universal bonding compatible with all etching modes and which can be used not only for direct bonding, but also for repair & hypersensitivity treatment. Moreover, GC wants to offer this ease of use and versatility without any impact on the quality of the bond. G-Premio BOND offers the advantages of a universal, but with a top performance in all situations thanks to a unique combination of three functional monomers (4-MET, MDP, MDTP).

Dare to go for...
  • Zero debondings
    High & durable bond to tooth structure and indirect substrates thanks to 3 functional monomers
  • Zero discolorations
    Extremely thin film thickness (3µm) and strong bonding layer with high filler content
  • Zero post-operative sensitivity
    Dentin tubules are sealed in all etching modes
  • Zero mistakes
    Clear procedure and very low technique-sensitivity
  • Zero hassle
    One bottle for many uses & excellent handling with optimal wettability and long working time
  • Zero waste
    Short procedure & economical dispensing with 300 drops per bottle

How to use G-Premio BOND?
  • Use in self-etch mode, or etch enamel and/or dentin for 10-15sec with 35-40% orthophosphoric acid; rinse & dry
  • Apply G-Premio BOND on tooth structure using a microbrush
  • Leave undisturbed for 10 seconds after application
  • Dry thoroughly for 5 seconds under MAXIMUM air pressure
  • Light-cure for 10 seconds
  • Proceed with composite placement

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