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Modular composite system for indirect restorations

A NEW STANDARD in lifelike mixing and layering of shades

GC is proud to introduce its novel laboratory composite GRADIA PLUS, developed in close co-operation with a group of top dental technicians.
Based on the latest ceramic polymer technology this advanced, high-strength, nano-hybrid, light-curing composite offers brightness, translucency, chroma and a natural opalescence in the oral environment that is similar to porcelain.

Its unique modular concept has fewer standard shades, but uses a more individual mixing and layering approach making it more compact and cost-effective. Nevertheless it will meet all demands on indications or technique used from classic or multi-chromatic build-up to monolithic approach.

  • Innovation meets indication
    • Wide range of clinical applications: from metal free inlays, veneers and jacket crowns to frame-supported crowns & bridges and implant superstructures
    • Improved aesthetics and superior mechanical properties, ensuring a long-term, permanent solution
  • State-of-the-art ceramic-polymer technology
    • High-density and homogeneously dispersed ultra-fine fillers offer high mechanical properties achieved by light-curing only
    • High wear-resistance, compacted surface and surface smoothness, which delivers durability and high gloss retention
  • Red & white aesthetics in perfect harmony
    • Brightness, translucency, chroma and a natural opalescence and fluorescence in the oral environment that is similar to porcelain
    • Meets all aesthetics regardless of the selected technique: from classic or multi-chromatic build-up to monolithic approach
    • Easy to polish thanks to high compacted & smooth surface
    • Wide variety of red shades offering a close match of the patient’s gingival tissue in colour and texture
  • Indication-related consistency of pastes
    • Two paste viscosities Heavy Body and Light Body, fine-tuned based on their typical indication and area of application:
      • For production of high-aesthetic crown and bridge work, the layering technique offers an almost unlimited number of colour combinations
      • For fast and easy monolithical restorations, the single One Body pastes are the perfect base
    • The Lustre Paint colours provide an extremely simple way to add long-lasting colour and surface gloss as well as a high wear resistance and protection:
      • Can be used for internal and external colouring
      • Colours can easily be mixed together and the consistency can be adapted using the Lustre Paint diluting liquid
      • Reduces the polishing stage, saving you valuable time
  • Rational and modular
    • Unique modular concept that allows choosing the module that meets the demands on indications or technique used from classic or multi-chromatic build-up to monolithic approach
    • Fewer standard shades but more ceramic like individual mixing and layering of shades making it more compact and cost-effective
    • Four V-coloured opaques and one base opaque with excellent flow and effective masking ability
  • Curing at the speed of light
    • All shades of GC GRADIA PLUS polymerize completely in short irradiation times with the all-new GC Labolight Duo, our state-of-the-art multi-functional light-curing device which combines two curing modes: pre-curing (step mode) and final curing (full mode)

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