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A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...

A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life

Luting Guide

All of GC’s cementation materials are showcased in the Luting Guide

G-Premio BOND from GC:One-component light-cured universal adhesive

G-Premio BOND from GC:
One-component light-cured universal adhesive

Believe in zero compromises

Aadva IOS from GC:Intra-oral scanning system

Aadva IOS from GC:
Intra-oral scanning system

Digital technology made easy

D-Light Pro from GC:Dual wavelength LED curing light with a unique Detection mode

D-Light Pro from GC:
Dual wavelength LED curing light with a unique Detection mode

Cure. Protect. Detect.

GRADIA PLUS from GC:Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Where innovation meets indication

Initial LiSi Press from GC:Press for Perfection

Initial LiSi Press from GC:
Press for Perfection

Essentia HiFlo from GC:Universal light-cured composite with high flowability

Essentia HiFlo from GC:
Universal light-cured composite with high flowability

1 shade, 3 strong options for all posterior indications

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:Fast... strong... beautiful!

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:
Fast... strong... beautiful!

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:Dental Lab Scanner for accurate digital dentistry

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:
Dental Lab Scanner for accurate digital dentistry

Scanning system with CAD open software powered by exocad®

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From post and core build-up up to the temporisation steps, GC offers a range of products to optimally prepare the tooth in anticipation of the indirect restoration. Glass fiber posts can be adhesively bonded to the tooth and the optimised elastic modulus reduces the risk of cracking the root.
EndoEndodontically treated teeth often suffered extensive loss of tooth tissue and require customised solutions in a minimal invasive way, to preserve the remaining tooth. The post-and-core build up materials from GC are adjusted to the mechanical properties of the tooth, to provide maximal strength while minimising the occurrence of catastrophic fractures of the root.

everStickPOST - Soft glass fibre post
Fiber Post - Hard glass fibre post
GRADIA CORE - Aesthetic core build-up and post luting composite
PreparationIn the period of temporisation when awaiting the final restoration, you can opt for your technique of choice to create aesthetically pleasing inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges on tooth or implant abutments, as well as temporary fillings.

Caviton - Temporary filling material
Revotek LC - Temporary C&B material
Tempron - Self-curing acrylic
UNIFAST III - Self-curing acrylic resin for temporary inlays, crowns, bridges & repairs
Unifast LC - Light-curing acrylic for temporary restorations
Unifast TRAD - Acrylic for temporary restorations