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A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...

A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life

CERASMART270 from GC:Force absorbing hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM Block

Force absorbing hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM Block

Natural fit and flexibility

everX Flow from GC:Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

everX Flow from GC:
Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

Strong to the core

FujiCEM Evolve from GC:Innovative resin-modified glass ionomer cement for a trustful performance and enjoyable convenience

FujiCEM Evolve from GC:
Innovative resin-modified glass ionomer cement for a trustful performance and enjoyable convenience

A step ahead

G-CEM Veneer from GC:Light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement

G-CEM Veneer from GC:
Light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement

The perfect flow

Temp PRINT from GC:3D printable light curing composite for temporary crown and bridge

Temp PRINT from GC:
3D printable light curing composite for temporary crown and bridge

GRADIA PLUS from GC:Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Where innovation meets indication

Initial LiSi Press from GC:Press for Perfection

Initial LiSi Press from GC:
Press for Perfection

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:High-strength restorative composite

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:
High-strength restorative composite

Strong like rock

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:
Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Listen to GC Europeʼs Dental Podcast Series recorded at IDS 2019.

Listen to GC Europeʼs Dental Podcast Series recorded at IDS 2019.

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Want to participate in the Essentia Academic Excellence Contest?

Want to participate in the Essentia Academic Excellence Contest?

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At GC excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey. From its beginnings in Japan in 1921, GC has made the journey to excellence a hallmark of all its activities and to this day, every new associate is aware of the role that he or she plays in helping the company to achieve this. Global agenda By 2020 GC aims to be the worldʼs leading oral health company. GC products are sold in over 100 countries across the world, which include well-known brands that have been used and trusted by dentists for decades. GC believes that by raising standards of oral healthcare, the general wellbeing and quality of life of people will also improve.
It is therefore not surprising that quality management has become entrenched in GC business operations globally. What was known as GCQ or GC Quality Control was first introduced into the company in 1981 by its president, Mr Makoto Nakao. Practices and benchmarks were created across the company to implement this initiative and were regularly reviewed by Mr Nakao himself through detailed visits to each department. GC has since coined the term "GQM" or GC Quality Management, to describe its unique all-encompassing approach to excellence. International recognition Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, GC Corporation has received a number of accolades for business excellence. Similarly, GC EUROPE, based in Leuven, Belgium is a frequent winner of EFQM awards and other international prizes. Below is an outline of GCC and GCEʼs most prominent awards and certification, starting with the most recent: 2004: Japan Quality Medal GC Corporation was the 18th company in the world to receive the Japan Quality Medal, regarded worldwide as the highest recognition for quality management in organisations. The Japan Quality Medal was established to commemorate the first International Conference on Quality Control (ICQC), which was held in Tokyo in October 1969. It is given to a company or business unit each year that has received the Deming Prize and applied total quality management continuously for three years or more (including the year of conferment of the Deming Prize), and has thereby achieved a remarkable business result.
The reason for GCʼs winning this prize is as follows: “(GC) has steadily implemented its policy based on a Mid-Term Management Plan to achieve the 2010 VISION initiative, and has achieved steady outcomes in the running of the company through active promotion of excellent quality management efforts, such as the development of new technologies and products, the improvement of productivity under factory innovation programs, the establishment of an onsite quality-assurance system, the innovation of production management systems, the centralisation of information using IT, human resource development based on a skills list, quality management, and environmental management.” 2000: Deming Award for Business Excellence GC Corporation was the first company in the dental industry to receive the internationally renowned Deming Award for Business Excellence. The Deming Award (Japanese Administration Office: Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers) is the highest honour in the area of quality control, and is conferred upon companies (or individuals) that have made a significant improvement in business results through total quality control implemented company-wide. The award is given annually to the company that has made significant improvements in business results through the application of total quality control.
GC received this coveted prize for its business activity, which is aimed at becoming a company that improves quality throughout the organisation and provides true health for people around the world, and is implemented through GQM to form the basis of the management approach. Why EFQM? The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) exists to inspire organisations to achieve sustainable excellence by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate using the EFQM Excellence Model. It was a natural choice for GC EUROPE to become a member of the EFQM and to apply the model to its own operations. GC EUROPE has been successful at every stage of EFQM awards by demonstrating it has applied the model to its leadership, company strategy, people, partnerships and resources, processes, products and services as reflected in its customer results, people results, society results and business results.
Worldwide over 30 000 organisations use the EFQM model and GC EUROPE is proud to achieve recognition across industries for its benchmarks and processes. Further international accreditation In alignment with global and European standards, GC has achieved a number of key Management Systems Certificates. ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems encompassing all areas of quality assurance as well as some aspects of organisational management, such as customer satisfaction and improvement. GC, as a global company, became one of the earliest to receive an ISO 9001 certification in 1994. In April 2004 GC received ISO 13485 certification, which specifically provides for the quality assurance of medical devices. GC was the first dental equipment/material manufacturer to receive either certification. Currently, all partner companies of GC are certified under ISO 13485.
You can find a full overview of GCʼs certificates here. Our partners and customers As a general manufacturer of dental care products, GC EUROPE is in the business of protecting peopleʼs health. By applying quality control systems and receiving international accolades, partners and customers can trust that GC EUROPE products and services are delivered to the highest of standards. This is also evidence of GC EUROPEʼs commitment to continual growth and innovation, based on feedback for improvement. The teams work tirelessly to ensure that benchmarks are met and expectations are risen above. For GC EUROPE, this is how business should be done.
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