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A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...

A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life

Een inspirerende dag met een variëteit aan experts die...

Een inspirerende dag met een variëteit aan experts die samen met u de weg naar een Een gezonde mond afleggen waarbij veel gelegenheid is tot interactie

First GC EUROPE Academic Excellence Contest on Essentia

First GC EUROPE Academic Excellence Contest on Essentia

Discover the clinical cases of the participants on the Facebook group Essentia from GC

Luting Guide

All of GC’s cementation materials are showcased in the Luting Guide

G-Premio BOND from GC:One-component light-cured universal adhesive

G-Premio BOND from GC:
One-component light-cured universal adhesive

Believe in zero compromises

Aadva IOS from GC:Intra-oral scanning system

Aadva IOS from GC:
Intra-oral scanning system

Digital technology made easy

D-Light Pro from GC:Dual wavelength LED curing light with a unique Detection mode

D-Light Pro from GC:
Dual wavelength LED curing light with a unique Detection mode

Cure. Protect. Detect.

GRADIA PLUS from GC:Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Where innovation meets indication

Initial LiSi Press from GC:Press for Perfection

Initial LiSi Press from GC:
Press for Perfection

Essentia HiFlo from GC:Universal light-cured composite with high flowability

Essentia HiFlo from GC:
Universal light-cured composite with high flowability

1 shade, 3 strong options for all posterior indications

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:Fast... strong... beautiful!

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:
Fast... strong... beautiful!

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:Dental Lab Scanner for accurate digital dentistry

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:
Dental Lab Scanner for accurate digital dentistry

Scanning system with CAD open software powered by exocad®

Dental Alumni Weekend 2018

Dental Alumni Weekend 2018

an exciting two days of continuing professional development and social opportunities for alumni and friends of the KCL Dental Institute

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June 2017
  • Aadva Lab Scan found to have highest accuracy
    Researchers from the universities of Milan and Siena have tested the trueness and precision of seven extraoral laboratory scanners. The study shows that the accuracy of Aadva Lab Scan surpasses the accepted boundaries.
March 2017
  • Initial LiSi Press is the first lithium disilicate ceramic ingot with High Density Micronization (HDM), a technology unique to GC. Initial LiSi Press is optimised to be used with the rest of the GC Initial family.
    For easier, faster and safer processing use LiSi PressVest. It’s a carbon free phosphate bonded speed investment for press-ceramic techniques and offers an optimized workflow and ensures time savings for the dental laboratory.
  • GC is proud to extend its CAD/CAM consumable portfolio with Initial LRF, a leucite-reinforced feldspar CAD/CAM block in five high and low translucency V-shades for full-contour, all-ceramic indirect restorations. Whether you just polish or glaze, Initial LRF provides the highest fracture stability & flexural strength in its category.
February 2017
  • Following the success of the Universal shade of Essentia, GC developed two new viscosities featuring the same great integration with natural tissues - offering a one-shade solution for all posterior indications.
    Essentia HiFlo and LoFlo are two fluid composites whose shade perfectly matches the one of Essentia Universal (paste) and with exceptional strength - making it possible to use any viscosity for any type of cavity, from cervical to occlusal!
  • D-Light Pro is the high-powered dual-wavelength curing light from GC offering three programs alongside an elegant, light and ergonomic design.
    D-Light Pro not only cures efficiently, but also helps you to visualise bacterial activity.
    Being autoclavable, D-Light Pro will also contribute to optimal patient protection.
January 2017
  • After years of success with RELINE Soft and Extra Soft, GC is now introducing an enhanced version of both products: RELINE II Soft and RELINE II Extra Soft.
    Because elderly patients are getting healthier and stay active longer, those products will help them keeping perfectly fitting denture and optimal comfort at any time - for an active life!
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