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A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...

A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life

CERASMART270 from GC:Force absorbing hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM Block

Force absorbing hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM Block

Natural fit and flexibility

everX Flow from GC:Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

everX Flow from GC:
Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

Strong to the core

FujiCEM Evolve from GC:Innovative resin-modified glass ionomer cement for a trustful performance and enjoyable convenience

FujiCEM Evolve from GC:
Innovative resin-modified glass ionomer cement for a trustful performance and enjoyable convenience

A step ahead

G-CEM Veneer from GC:Light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement

G-CEM Veneer from GC:
Light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement

The perfect flow

Temp PRINT from GC:3D printable light curing composite for temporary crown and bridge

Temp PRINT from GC:
3D printable light curing composite for temporary crown and bridge

GRADIA PLUS from GC:Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Where innovation meets indication

Initial LiSi Press from GC:Press for Perfection

Initial LiSi Press from GC:
Press for Perfection

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:High-strength restorative composite

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:
High-strength restorative composite

Strong like rock

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:
Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Listen to GC Europeʼs Dental Podcast Series recorded at IDS 2019.

Listen to GC Europeʼs Dental Podcast Series recorded at IDS 2019.

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Want to participate in the Essentia Academic Excellence Contest?

Want to participate in the Essentia Academic Excellence Contest?

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December 2012
  • All GC products are Bisphenol A free
    You may have recently been informed about concerns in our industry regarding the use of Bis-GMA and Bisphenol A (BPA). As a company dedicated to its customers and products users, we would like to provide some clarification.
September 2012
  • FujiCEM 2 receives FIVE STAR rating from The Dental Advisor
    GC FujiCEM 2 receives a FIVE STAR rating from The Dental Advisor and the Editorsʼ Choice Award with a 96% rating! In the summary Dental Adivisor calls FujiCEM 2 an excellent cement for many types of indirect restorations. Fifty-two percent of consultants rated it better than other resin modified glass ionomer cements they had used and 39% rated it equivalent. Seventy percent would switch to FujiCEM 2 and 91% would recommend it.
  • NEW! FujiCEM 2 from GC
    New FujiCEM 2 from GC is the result of an entire decade of continuous improvements along with the solid reputation of more than 150 million crowns cemented worldwide. Powered by the innovative Force & Fusion Technology, FujiCEM 2 rewards dentists with the assurance of a successful treatment. New FujiCEM 2 combines the best in handling characteristics and physical properties for your total peace of mind.
December 2011
  • GC Restorative Guide for iPad & iPhone - Top 5 rating by Dental Products Report
    The latest software applications for smart phones and tablets have increased functionality to allow clinicians to manage practices and patients from anywhere, anytime. The GC Restorative Dentistry Guides provide dental professionals with an interactive guide to proper use of GC composites and bonding agents. A useful clinical resource, it also can be a valuable tool for communication with patients. The newest version 1.31 includes a new EQUIA guide, as well as improved menu navigation.
  • Tri Plaque ID Gel from GC
    Unique three tone plaque disclosing gel that identifies new, mature and acid producing biofilms. GC Tri Plaque ID Gel can not only differentiate between old and new plaque in a few easy steps, this unique gel can also highlight exactly where the bacteria are most active by disclosing the acidic pH. This additional information will be a great help in your daily practice to motivate your patients to improve their oral hygiene. Because after all, people often need to see something before they believe it.
  • DiaPolisher Paste from GC
    Extra gloss and smoothness for composite restorations in one easy step. GCʼs new DiaPolisher Paste has been developed to further enhance the aesthetic results of all your G-aenial, Kalore, Gradia Direct or GRADIA restorations. Used as a final step after your usual polishing procedures, DiaPolisher Paste from GC will provide a higher gloss of any direct and indirect composite restorations. Polishing of occlusal surfaces as well as the maintenance of existing composite restorations becomes so much easier.
  • Aroma Fine Plus from GC
    Based on GCʼs extensive knowledge of alginate materials, GC Aroma Fine Plus has been designed to offer users final impression of the highest quality combined with an easier and faster mixing.
  • We are pleased to present you with the fourth issue of MID, an informative digital turning page ezine dedicated to Minimum Intervention Dentistry, compiled in partnership with Interactive Dental Media.
July 2011
  • GC presents the most Innovative & Unique Bulk filled restorative system: EQUIA.
    GC Germany organized a Press conference on 27th June, 2011 in Frankfurt. This press conference was attended by all the main Dental publishing houses from Germany. Five different speakers gave lectures describing the productʼs aspects from academia, clinical practice, industry and social security (insurance) prospective. Key message from the press conference was that EQUIA is the REAL Bulk filled long term posterior restorative system which can be reimbursed by the social securities similar to the Amalgams. Conclusively a modern day dental practice should offer Composites and EQUIA as the restorative options available to their patients.
    More info on, and
June 2011
  • It is with pleasure that we can announce that our Restorative Guide is now also available in a PC and MAC version. The iPad version is still available on iTunes.
March 2011
  • We present you our new “GC Restorative Dentistry Guides” as an app for the iPad. With this app you can step-by-step learn how to improve your results with the GC composites and bonding agents. The “GC Restorative Dentistry Guides” app is a useful tool to have in your clinic and also a valuable tool for communication with your patients.
February 2011
  • Offering a selective etching approach, GC G-ænial Bond offers the best of both worlds: the simplicity and reduced post-operative sensitivity of a self-etch 7th generation adhesive together with the greater bond strength that was traditionally found only with etch & rinse adhesives.
  • Fuji ORTHO LC Paste Pak Automix & Fuji ORTHO BAND LC Paste Pak: 2 new members of the GC Fuji ORTHO family, a range of resin modified glass ionomers that are extremely easy in use since there is no need for acid etching and no need trying to maintain a dry field. The sustained and rechargeable fluoride release helps protect the enamel and reduces the risk of white spots occurring during orthodontic treatment.
October 2010
  • Improve your layering skills with GC composite restoratives.
    We have developed for you a very comprehensive 3D tool that gives you a better insight on how to apply the different colours of this new composite restorative. We present you the G-ænial Quick Start Configurator that gives you a step-by-step 3D representation on on how to apply two layers: dentin & enamel.
September 2010
  • Are you looking for a flowable composite with extra indications where optimal handling, long lasting restorations and ideal aesthetics are key requirements? GC has created G-ænial Flo and G-ænial Universal Flo; two materials with a unique filler technology.
June 2010
  • Are you looking for the most effortless way to create invisibility in your restorations? The search is over. GC presents G-ænial Anterior and Posterior, two light-cured restoratives that were developed using GCʼs extensive expertise and knowledge of dental materials together with suggestions from loyal Gradia Direct users.
    You can depend on the years of experience and industry know-how that went into creating G-ænial to reinforce your aesthetic skills and ability to match every restoration with nature.
May 2010
  • We are pleased to present you with the second issue of MID, an informative digital turning page ezine dedicated to Minimum Intervention Dentistry, compiled in partnership with Interactive Dental Media.
March 2010
  • Innovation Award 2009 - The Dentists have decided:
    The dental trading company Pluradent (Offenbach) and the trade journal “DZW - Die ZahnarztWoche” have organized the dental innovation award for the third time. Dentists have made their choice at the dental trade fairs in autumn 2009 as well as by ballots of “DZW - Die ZahnarztWoche”.
    In the product category “Materials and Instruments”, GC Dry Mouth Gel by GC EUROPE was voted on second place (15.25 %) by the dentists.
  • From now on you can offer your patients enduring restorations which are more conservative and gentle on the remaining tooth structure. GC Gradia Core and Fiber Post is a system that makes life easier by combining luting and core build-up into one product with ideal handling properties.
  • Colour deepness and lifelike translucency for Initial IQ Press and Layering systems
    The new GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes NF are 3-dimensional ceramic stains developed to bring colour deepness and lifelike translucency to the Initial IQ Press and Layering systems, but also to all other ceramics of the GC Initial range.
January 2010
  • Create æ-motion with the restorative material of the future
    Incorporating the best of industrial monomer innovation from DuPont, Kalore, the new nano-sized hybrid universal composite from GC features an exclusive low shrinkage technology. On a microscopic level, this means that during and after polymerisation, adhesion between the fillers and the resin matrix is maintained. With minimised shrinkage stress, the integrity of the restoration especially at the margins is ensured. Kalore offers you a revolutionary TOTAL PACKAGE in aesthetic restorations.
  • During the IADR 2009 meeting in the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida many abstracts/studies have been published on GC products. We are happy to share this high level scientific support with you. Please click here to download the complete overview of all abstracts of our product related studies.
October 2009
  • We are pleased to present you with the first issue of MID, an nformative digital turning page edition dedicated to Minimum Intervention Dentistry, compiled by Interactive Dental Media in partnership with GC.
    Written by practicing dentists, academics and hygienists, the MID ezine looks at how current evidence translates into practice, to the ultimate benefit of the patient. Learn to implement MID into your practice today, serve your patients better and still make a profit.
May 2009
  • Resin luting re-defined
    Finally you can achieve a twofold long-lasting high-strength bond in one step to tooth structure AND to aesthetic restorations, especially zirconium.
    G-CEM Automix stands for simplicity without compromising bond strength to dentin, enamel and zirconium.
  • Only 4 ceramics for all 16 standard shades!
    The new GC Initial IQ - One Body, Layering-over-Metal concept enables dental technicians to achieve simple and economical reproduction of standard Vita shades.
    The secret: four new Body materials, which can be combined with the proven three-dimensional Lustre Pastes.
December 2008
  • Guidelines for the correct use of PBIs: “Focus Edition” helps to find solutions.
    A guideline for optimal use and a troubleshooting list - these items will help dental technicians to get the most out of GC EUROPEʼs Phosphate Bonded Investment materials. The new brochure called “Focus Edition” provides detailed instructions for the optimal techniques when working with GCʼs high quality products for crown and bridge technique.
  • Enhance the preventative measures and motivate your patients with Saliva-Check Mutans, a simple and accurate chairside test which detects, in 15 minutes only, if the patient has a high level of S. Mutans without the need for incubators or other devices.
    The Streptococcus mutans bacterial species plays a leading role in the initiation of dental caries.
  • Dry Mouth Gel provides relief and long lasting comfort for dry mouth sufferers. Its unique neutral pH means effective symptomatic relief, whilst preserving oral pH within the safe range to prevent demineralisation.
September 2008
  • During the IADR 2008 meeting in Toronto, more then 50 abstracts/studies have been published on GC products.
    We happy to share this high level scientific support with you. Please click here to download the complete overview of all abstracts of our product related studies.
June 2008
  • MI Paste PLUS wins innovation award.
    The Cooperative Research Centre for Oral Health Sciences (CRC-OHS), the research centre of the Melbourne University has received an award for excellence in innovation for the development of Tooth Mousse Plus, available as MI Paste Plus in Europe.
    The prize was awarded by the Australian Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research in May 2008 at Sydney.
    Please visit our multimedia section to watch Professor Eric Reynolds explain the molecular processes of the CPP-ACP (Recaldent™).
May 2008
  • NEW! GC Initial IQ One Body, Press-over-Zircon
    Feldspar based pressable ceramic system for pressable and CAD/CAM technologies.
    Following the introduction in 2007 of the GC Initial IQ, One Body, Press-over-Metal system supported by the Lustre Pastes, GC now proudly presents the Press-over-Zircon system with a dedicated POZr Lustre Paste set. From now on you can start pressing onto pressable ceramics and CAD/CAM fabricated crowns and bridges.
    Please visit our updated Initial website and find a new chapter on Initial IQ - One Body Concept.
  • NEW! GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes
    With the introduction of GC Initial Press-over-Zircon, GC proudly presents a second Lustre Pastes set, specially developed with an optimal matching thermal expansion coefficient. From now on you can improve your aesthetics, quality and profitability with 2 dedicated Lustre Pastes sets with an optimal match to either “low” or “high” CTE ceramics!
    Available in ready to use syringes the Lustre Pastes are based on fine ceramic particles. This unique paste delivery allows a thicker application and combined with a fine thixotropic property, you get the ideal material for easier and more exact application compared to conventional stains.
    GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes, the modern alternative for conventional staining and glazing and for colour and surface texture corrections of all your GC Initial ceramic crowns and bridges!
  • MI Paste Plus was already available as assorted 5-pack. From now on, it is also available as single flavour 10-pack.
January 2008
  • NEW: Initial Zr-FS
    By adding extremely pure feldspar to Initial Zr, GC managed to optimize the crystal structure and allow for a lower glass content, resulting in more natural optical effects and a much higher stability. The new Initial Zr-FS is 100% compatible with the existing Initial Zr.
September 2007
  • Our Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) have been updated in order to comply with the REACH policy.
July 2007
  • To improve storage, handling conditions as well as the daily use, GC EUROPE introduces a new packaging for Fujirock EP and Base Stone.
May 2007
  • Initial IQ - Intelligence Quintessence, a clever and compact summary of materials & techniques.
    The NEW One Body Concept offers a simplified and condensed process optimizing your output and lowering your costs.
    Please visit our updated Initial website and find a new chapter on Initial IQ - One Body Concept.
March 2007
  • Discover MI Paste Plus: a NEW topical dental crème combining the benefits of Tooth Mousse, with 900ppm of a unique, patented form of fluoride in a product designed for high-risk patients.
  • EQUIA (Easy - Quick - Unique - Intelligent - Aesthetic) denotes a totally NEW approach to posterior filling therapy: restorations based on glass ionomer technology have never been so aesthetic and translucent, high-performing and economical!
  • The speed and simplicity you want, with the high bond strength you can rely on.
    G-CEM is NEW a dual-cure self-adhesive universal resin cement in a capsule, designed for adhesive luting of all-ceramic, metal or composite indirect restorations.
  • To further broaden the range of clinical possibilities with Gradia Direct, GC is complementing its portfolio by adding a NEW improved radiopaque version: Gradia Direct X.
  • Take the easier option and get a higher quality final gloss with Optiglaze, the NEW nanofilled light cured protective coating from GC.
  • Initial IQ: One Body Press-over Concept
    The totally NEW technologies of pre-blended ingots and the GC Initial IQ Luster Pastes add up to an opalescent quality which exhibits unrivalled vitality and natural luster.
  • GC Fujivest Premium & Platinum
    With these NEWLY developed investments, GC EUROPE once again confirms its competence in the production of phosphate-bonded investments for crowns and bridges. Perfect controllability and high accuracy of fit - these are the most important requirements for modern high precision casting investment materials.
February 2007
  • After 2 years of evaluation, GC Gradia Direct also received 5 stars from THE DENTAL ADVISOR (Vol 23, n°10, Dec 2006).
January 2007
  • GC Tooth Mousse, the latest in active protection against decay and hypersensitivity, is now available in single flavour packages containing 10 tubes of only one flavour. These new packages will give the opportunity to the dentist to fulfil his patientʼs demand to choose their favourite taste: Melon, Strawberry, Tutti-Frutti, Mint and Vanilla. Assorted packages are also still available.
December 2006
  • New Press Release: “The science behind G-Bond”.
    Prof. Dr. Bart Van Meerbeek (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium) has thoroughly looked into the bonding agent in various studies and has now summarized his impressive scientific research and results in an 18-page booklet.
  • GC G-Bond received a 5 star rating with Editorsʼ Choice, 2006 Preferred Product mention by THE DENTAL ADVISOR (Oct 2006, vol 23, n° 8). On top of this, G-Bond also got the highest rating with 97% amongst the 6th & 7th generation of adhesive systems.
  • In order to offer more user-friendly product packages, we changed the GC GRADIA 2.9 ml syringe to a new flip-top syringe and applied new color-coded labels for all GC GRADIA syringes!
  • GC Gradia Direct got rated 4 stars for 2006 by Reality in the category hybrid composite, and received the highest rating with 98% from THE DENTAL ADVISOR (Sep 2006, vol 23, N° 7).
November 2006
  • Identify plaque acidogenicity and age within 5 minutes.
    GC takes a step further in the Minimum Intervention concept with a new identification tool: GC Plaque Indicator Kit. Please visit our MI site on to read more on our Minimum Intervention range.
  • GC presents a new flowable restorative with high viscosity and unsurpassed physical properties: GC Gradia Direct LofLo, introducing the new HDR, High-Density Radiopaque, technology.
    GC Gradia Direct Flo & LoFlo have been rated the #1 flowable composite for 2006 by Reality.
  • New name, more versatility.
    GC Fuji VII changed to GC Fuji Triage, the material of choice for teeth at risk, in a variety of indications. Not only for early protection, but also to prevent and control hypersensitivity, to protect root surfaces in elderly patients and a strong weapon in successful endodontic treatments. GC Fuji Triage also comes in white, and in Powder/Liquid version.
  • No white aesthetics without red aesthetics.
    To further extend the unique harmonized GC Initial shading system and to follow the requests from the market, GC Initial gum shades (MC & Zr) have been created.
    Visit our GC Initial website where you can also find our Questions & Answers database, updated with 40 new entries.
August 2006
  • GC Fuji VII, the pink GIC for fissure protection, has changed name in order to welcome other members in the range: GC Fuji Triage capsule white, and a pink and a white powder/liquid version.
  • After unveiling GC Fujivest Platinum, we are now proud to present GC Fujivest Premium, our new investment material for non-precious alloys: Versatile and robust.
  • More and more applications are being found for GC Tooth Mousse and so we thought it would be useful to bring together some of the more common applications in one booklet: Please have a look at the GC Tooth Mousse Portfolio.
  • GC Gradia Direct got rated 4 stars for 2006 by Reality in the category hybrid composite.
July 2006
  • Please visit our MI site, now also available in German. Go to to read more on GC Tooth Mousse, GC Saliva-Check Buffer and our Minimum Intervention range.
  • We added more than 40 new entries to our GC Initial Questions & Answers database.
  • GC Fuji Plus has been granted with a 5 “ID” rating from the French magazine “lʼInformation Dentaire” (n°16, 19 April 2006). The consultants stated that GC Fuji Plus has become a real reference for the dental practitioners, and that several clinical studies have shown its very good mechanical and adhesive properties.
June 2006
  • In order to serve you better, our Material Safety Data Sheets are now available in 30 language and country versions on this website.
  • The French magazine “lʼInformation Dentaire” has granted GC Gradia Direct Flo and its 7 shades with a very good rating of 4 ½ ID (n°16, 19 April 2006).
  • In order to assure an optimal consistency of the paste and an easier application we changed the delivery form of GC Initial INmetalbond into syringes (2 x 4g).
  • Next to the already existing translucent paste GC GRADIA T0, we now offer GC GRADIA F-T0: same translucency but in a flowable consistency which allows the dental technician an even easier build-up technique.
April 2006
  • According to the CRA Foundation Newsletter (Feb 2006, Vol. 30, Issue 2), GC G-Light has the best combination of features and performance including: fast cure, broad spectrum output to polymerize non-CQ resins & long battery life.
March 2006
  • As the frontrunner in its market, renowned for its expertise in phosphate bonded investments, GC has already redefined the benchmark with its product GC Fujivest Super. Now GC is proud to unveil GC Fujivest Platinum - everything youʼve come to expect from a company of this caliber, but now better than ever.
  • THE DENTAL ADVISOR gives again a 5+ rating for GC Gradia Direct (Vol 23, No 1 - Jan/Feb 2006). This product received a 98% clinical rating.
  • GC Gradia Direct Flo is now available in 7 shades.
    GC Gradia Direct Flo has been specially designed for use in conjunction with GC Gradia Direct and the new shades are a perfect match to the colour concept of this well-liked, easy to use and highly aesthetic composite.
  • We are proud to inform you that GC Tooth Mousse, the protective and regenerative crème, has been elected Most Innovative Product for the year 2005 in a contest organized by Pluradent, German Dealer, and the DZW magazine. Out of a list of more than 80, a jury chose 10 products, and more than 4300 votes led to the ultimate choice.
    Read more on GC Tooth Mousse, GC Saliva-Check Buffer and our Minimum Intervention range at
January 2006
  • Now rated 4 ½ ID from the French magazine Information Dentaire:
    GC Fuji VIII, an auto cured resin reinforced glass ionomer cement for anterior restorations.
  • Get the best light curing results with GC G-Light, now also rewarded with 4½+ and Editorsʼ Choice from THE DENTAL ADVISOR.
December 2005
  • One movie says more than a thousand pictures...
    In order to demonstrate our GC products even better, our step-by-step procedures are going “LIFE”. We hereby like to invite you to view our GC Gradia Direct build-up movie.
  • GC G-Light receives 4 stars from Reality!
    If you want a light curing system that can “do it all” look no further than the remarkable G-Light from GC.
November 2005 October 2005
  • Minimum intervention: our new website dedicated to GCʼs vision about caries management in the 21st century is now online! To learn more about Identify, Prevent, Restore and the related products please visit
  • Understand your patientʼs oral environment better with GC Saliva-Check Buffer kit. This will help you in planning with your patient an appropriate treatment and prevention program. Read more on the GC Saliva-Check Buffer page...
  • Renowned for its superior “GC quality” which makes working with GC Fujirock EP die stone such a delight, you can now enjoy the same high quality standard in your base stone - with GC Base Stone. Next to the 12 kg packages (4 x 3 kg box), we now offer a 15 kg “ecopack” for GC Fujirock EP.
September 2005
  • Please visit our restructured and updated GC Initial site.
    In order to get in line with the other GC EUROPE sites, we changed the menu structure; this way you will have an easier overview. Have a look at our new clinical cases, or check out our new GC Initial Technique Guide.
July 2005 June 2005
  • We are proud to present our GC G-Light: a LED visible light curing unit with high power output that can “do it all”.
  • Please have a look at the new GC Fuji VIII, an auto cured resin reinforced glass ionomer cement for anterior restorations.
  • THE DENTAL ADVISOR 5+ rating and Editorsʼ Choice for GC G-BOND
    The one component, one coat bonding system GC G-BOND received this award from THE DENTAL ADVISOR for its overall excellent performance.
  • GC Tooth Mousse: Protection never tasted better!...
    Find information about the characteristics of this unique protective molecule, with all available literature references, as well as a new link to a very useful website about Minimum Intervention on the GC Tooth Mousse webpage.
May 2005
  • GC EUROPE is proud to introduce GC Base Stone: a new member in its family of stones, a newly developed dental stone for basing dentate arches and opposing models.
    Available in three colours Terracotta Red, Peach Yellow and Royal Blue, an optimal combination is achieved with the six colours of the well known dental die stone GC Fujirock EP.
  • To further improve the GC Initial Ceramic System and to fulfill the demand of the market, following novelties are available for all 5 ceramic systems (GC Initial MC/LF/Ti/AL/Zr):
    • New bleach shades: to follow the actual trend of very light tooth shades and fulfil the demand for beautiful cosmetic restorations.
    • CL-W (Clear Window): a highly transparent shade.
    • EI-11 & TM-01: shade improvements to respond to the dental technician’s wishes to have a more intensive grey “Enamel Intensive EI-11” and a more intensive blue “Translucent Modifier TM-01”
  • We added some new clinical cases to our GC GRADIA site, and to our GC Initial site.
April 2005
  • On IDS 2005, following new products will be introduced:
    • GC G-Bond: The new revolutionary 7th generation, true one bottle-one coat bonding system that doesnʼt require separate etching! For almost any application, itʼs 30 seconds and you are good to go.
    • GC G-Light: Newly designed GC LED curing unit that can cure all light-curable dental materials with a unique combination of one violet and seven blue LEDʼs.
    • GC Tooth Mousse: The new protective crème to restore oral mineral balance opens a new era in the Minimum Intervention treatment strategy.
    • GC Saliva-Check Buffer: In-office test to evaluate salivaʼs ability to protect teeth, as part of Minimum Intervention approach.
    • GC Base Stone: Newly developed dental stone for basing dentate arches and opposing models with adaptable viscosity. Perfect together with GC Fujirock EP.
    • GC Initial New Shades: To further improve the GC Initial system and fulfill the demand of the market, a highly transparent shade and three new bleach shades will be available.
  • Our GC GRADIA site has now been fully translated in Italian. Click here to have a look.
March 2005
  • In order to be in line with other cartridge materials in the market GC Coe-Pak AUTOMIX is now available in NDS version using the same cartridge dispenser as our Impression materials Examix and Exafast.
  • Next to the 20g and 50g powder bottles, we offer from now on 250g bottles of the most popular shades in the GC Initial MC ceramic system. Also the modelling liquids are available in larger bottles of 250 ml & 1000ml (1L).
February 2005
  • To go further in the trend of high aesthetic dentistry, GC is introducing two new bleach shades for the Anterior version of Gradia Direct: B1 and XBW (Extra Bleach White). Click here to read more.
January 2005
  • We like to introduce the first product of our Minimum Intervention range: GC Tooth Mousse, a water based, sugar free dental topical crème containing Recaldent™ CPP-ACP (Casein Phosphopeptide - Amorphous Calcium Phosphate). GC Tooth Mousse promises to make an important contribution to protecting the oral environment in a wide range of situations where a mineral imbalance may arise.
November 2004
  • We are proud to announce that we have finished our new GC GRADIA family site. On this site, we take a closer look at GC GRADIA, GC GRADIA gum shades and GC Gradia Direct. For clinical cases, step-by-step procedures, tips & tricks etc. of the GC GRADIA family, please click here.
  • A new item has been added to the range of GC Initial metal ceramics MC and LF to extend coefficient of thermal expansion compatibility. GC INmetalbond has been especially developed to neutralize differences in the expansion coefficient between the GC Initial metal ceramics and some non-precious alloys on the market.
October 2004
  • GC EUROPE decided to change the packaging of GC Fujirock EP. In order to improve manipulation, transportation and storage, GC Fujirock EP will be delivered in drums of 3 kg instead of the well known 3 kg bags. The outer carton of 18 kg will be replaced by 4 drums shrink wrapped together, making a total pack of 12 kg. This new packaging will be available from mid November 2004 on.
August 2004
  • We would like to announce the introduction of GC Aroma Fine DF III, to replace the highly regarded and well-proven alginate impression material GC Aroma Fine Dust Free.
    GC Aroma Fine DF III, manufactured in Japan, has an advanced new lead and dust free formula of ultra-fine alginate particles with significantly enhanced powder-water affinity.
    The properties of new GC Aroma Fine DF III all add up to an alginate impression material that makes it quicker and easier to take exceedingly accurate impressions with any type of patient.
  • To complete our GC Initial system even more, we announced in April of this year the introduction of the GC Initial MC Powder Opaque, available in all 16 VITA shades and with 6 additional Opaque Modifiers. With this complement to the GC Initial MC system we responded to the dental technician’s preferences in making the choice between Paste and Powder Opaque.
    From now on this choice between Paste and Powder Opaque can also be made for the GC Initial MC sets.
    As usual each set will be delivered with a Technical Manual, including updated firing instructions.
July 2004
  • We have added a “Questions & Answers” section to our GC Initial website. Here, the dental technician can have a look at our database of Frequently Asked Questions. To find an answer to your GC Initial questions, please click here.
  • Our GC Initial site is from now on available in 4 languages: English, French, Italian and German.
June 2004
  • We are proud to announce that several of our operatory products have been rated by THE DENTAL ADVISOR and/or Reality, and we have added the results to our product pages.
  • On the GC Initial website, all item lists have been updated with the newly added packages and refills.
April 2004
  • GC Gradia Direct has been launched one year ago and has received overall very good responses by many clinicians. This has been confirmed by top ratings by THE DENTAL ADVISOR and Reality. Read more on GC Gradia Direct’s product page...
  • The Quick, Easy and Short GC Initial Guide for “THE BASICS” – standard Vita Shade Guide reproduction is now available. It is a free standing foldable Instructions for use to be put on the working desk of the ceramist and can be ordered here!
  • From the end of April 2004 the GC Initial MC Powder Opaque will be available in all 16 VITA shades and with 6 additional Opaque Modifiers. In addition, GC Initial MC Paste Opaque Thinner is available from now.
January 2004
  • GC EUROPE has finished creating its world-wide website for GC Initial. The website not only covers the uniformity in colour, technique, aesthetics and packaging between the different systems, it also concentrates on each individual system, giving each line its own detailed webpage, containing different sections, which GC believes to be of interest to the dental professional. The GC Initial world-wide website will be a dynamic site, being updated on a very regular basis, as it should become an information platform for GC Initial users world-wide.
    Visit and start creating your world with GC Initial...
  • From now the GC Initial MC Standard Set will be available for sale all over Europe. This new set in the GC Initial MC range is composed out of the 6 most used Vitapan Classical Shades: A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3 and C2. Besides the base products for these shades such as Paste Opaques, Dentins, Opaqus Dentins, Enamels, Translucents and Glaze, this kit also includes Intensive Colours for individual build up like: Fluo Dentin, INside, Cervical Translucent, Enamel Opal, Enamel Occlusal, ...
  • To complete this range of Titanium Ceramics, we are now introducing the specially developed GC Initial Ti Bonder. GC Initial Ti Bonder excellent physical properties on the titanium bases, secures the chemical bonding and the good long term results.
November 2003
  • New on the website are the clinical procedures of GC Fuji VII, GC Reline Soft and GC Reline Extra Soft, showing some step-by-step procedures of the handling of these products.
September 2003 April 2003
  • Product release at IDS 2003: GC Initial is a newly developed, innovative and modular ceramic system for all indications. Whether in full ceramic, pressable ceramic, or as a veneer material for aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide or titanium frames, for each application the innovative GC Initial ceramic system offers a solution. Click here to visit the GC Initial page.
  • Product release at IDS 2003: GC PressInvest is a fine grained phosphate bonded investment specially developed for GC Initial PC - Pressable Ceramic System.
  • Product releases at IDS 2003: Together with the micro filled resin hybrid composite GC Gradia Direct, GC EUROPE has introduced GC UniFil Bond, an easy-to-use self-etching, light-cured resin bonding system and GC UniFil Flow, a thin flowing, light-cured, radiopaque micro hybrid resin with a no run-no stick formulation that allows a nice adaptation to cavity walls.
  • Product release at IDS 2003: The newest addition to the line of innovative glass ionomer cements from GC is GC Fuji VII, a command setting radiopaque glass ionomer protection material without addition of resins.
February 2003
  • GC EUROPE released its IDS 2003 website. This specially designed site can be reached on and contains details of new GC technologies, live demonstrations of GC GRADIA and GC Initial, information on the spectacular 3D show, GC’s Happy Hour at the booth, and so much more. Go and take a look for yourself to find out more about GCʼs activities during the IDS!
  • In January, GC has broadened the GC Fuji IX GP colour range to make the assortment even more complete. From now on, the colours A3.5, B2 and C4 will be available in the powder/liquid as well as the capsules of GC Fuji IX GP. GC Fuji IX GP FAST capsules are now also available in A1, A3.5, B2 and C4.
January 2003
  • New product release: GC Fuji ORTHO BAND Paste Pak, to make orthodontic bonding of bands and appliances easier and quicker, a new addition to the range of GC Fuji ORTHO resin-modified glass ionomer cements is introduced. GC Fuji ORTHO BAND is the first orthodontic cement to be made available as a paste in the special Paste Pak cartridge.
  • New product release: GC Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak, GC Corporation, world leader in glass ionomer technology, has developed the first ever resin modified glass ionomer lining cement in a paste paste formulation.
October 2002
  • New product release: GC GRADIA gum shades, for light-cured micro-ceramic composite for gingiva build-up with excellent lifelike aesthetics
July 2002
  • New product release: GC OCCLUSAL MATRIX SYSTEM, for all dental restorative materials
  • New product release: GC FRP Flask – The fibre reinforced flask for safe microwave curing of denture base resin.
June 2002
  • Two new colours available for GC GRADIA:
    EI 5: Enamel Intensive EI 5 is a “ready to use” enamel composite with IC7 colour characteristics.
    T5: Translucent T5 is the right translucent shade for opal effects in incisal areas of younger teeth.
April 2002
March 2001
  • New product release: GC e-Light: A revolution in light! One light cures them all!!
  • New product release: GC Exajet: A-Silicone Impression Material in Foil Pouches
  • New product release: GC Examix NDS: A-Silicone Impression Material in Cartridges
  • New product release: GC Exafast NDS: Fast setting A-Silicone Impression Materials
  • New colours available for GC Fujirock EP
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