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COE IMPRESSION TRAYS from GC:Dentulous, edentulous and closed-bite trays

Dentulous, edentulous and closed-bite trays

The foundation of a good restoration

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Dentulous, edentulous and closed-bite trays

Every dentist knows how important it is to take an accurate impression. The right impression material and a good impression-taking technique go a long way to ensuring the best results. And the tray is the foundation of every accurate impression.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of impression trays and materials, GC offers a wide range of stock trays, as well as accessories and materials to make custom trays.
GC Dentulous Trays: specially designed for use with dentate patients and available in many different sizes, shapes and types. GC Edentulous Trays: especially designed for edentate patients to match the patient’s anatomical characteristics. Choose from Standard Edentulous trays for the daily routine, STO-K trays to match specific patient’s anatomical characteristics or McGowan trays for immediate dentures GC Closed-Bite Trays: triple function trays and bite registration trays.
The Check-Bite Triple Function trays are used to take a working impression, counter impression and bite registration in one procedure.
The Sideless Triple Function trays are adjustable to 4 full arch positions.
The Double Arch Tray produces a pair of complimentary models in true occlusal relationship.
GC Dentulous Trays
  • Rigid but still bendable coated metal trays for a more individual fit
  • Stainless steel trays with welded rimlock borders allowing pressure build-up during impression taking
  • Plastic spacer trays with a unique ‘zigzag’ rim to minimise cusp contact
GC Edentulous Trays
  • Rigid tray for enhanced accuracy made of bendable metal for a more individual fit
  • Perforations and welded rimlocks (on the outside of the tray) for optimal retention of the alginate
GC Closed-Bite Trays
  • Anterior and posterior models with micro-thin, flexible mesh that neither impinges on the retromolar area, nor interferes with full closure
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