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Dentin Conditioner from GC:Cavity cleaning agent

Dentin Conditioner from GC:
Cavity cleaning agent

The perfect start of any glass ionomer restoration

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Dentin Conditioner

Cavity cleaning agent

Dentin Conditioner is a mild polyacrylic acid solution designed to remove the dentinal smear layer and to condition dentine and enamel before the application of your glass ionomer restorative.
It will increase the bond between your glass ionomer cement and tooth structure for added longevity.
To be used in combination with GC’s glass ionomer restoratives.
Apply with a pellet, rinse with water, dry without desiccating and apply the glass ionomer.
  • Cleans the surface effectively for improved adhesion
  • Creates mechanical retention
  • Enhances the marginal seal
  • Blue tint for a controlled application
  • 10% polyacrylic acid with application time of 20 seconds
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