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New activation method

New activation method

for GCʼs capsulated restorative and luting materials

Fuji Triage from GC:Radiopaque low viscosity glass ionomer surface protection material

Fuji Triage from GC:
Radiopaque low viscosity glass ionomer surface protection material

Simple and serious protection for teeth at need

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Fuji Triage

Radiopaque glass ionomer surface protection material

Children with fragile, erupting teeth. Adults seeking immediate relief from sensitive teeth. Elderly patients developing caries, rampant and unchecked.
They all need protection fast. GC Fuji Triage has a strong track record of preventing caries in erupting teeth.

GC Fuji Triage is self-adhesive, insensitive to moisture and has a low enough viscosity to penetrate pits and fissures.
  • Fissure protection
  • Hypersensitivity prevention and control
  • Root surface protection
  • Intermediate endodontic sealing
  • Can be applied when saliva control is not possible, allowing treatment of newly erupted molars (partially) covered by soft tissue
  • Available in white and a translucent pink shade that allows visible control during recalls
  • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure, no need for etching and bonding
  • Easy-to-apply low viscosity
  • Self-curing conventional GIC without addition of resins
  • Pink shade can be optionally ‘command set’ with VLC unit for early protection against dehydration
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Fuji Triage
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