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G-ænial Flo X from GC:Light-cured radiopaque flowable composite

G-ænial Flo X from GC:
Light-cured radiopaque flowable composite

The art of creating the foundation of perfect aesthetics

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G-ænial Flo X

Light-cured radiopaque flowable composite

Are you looking for a suitable flowable composite where optimal handling, durability and ideal aesthetics are key requirements?
GC has created G-ænial Flo X, offering improved strength and a very fluid placement.

Its high radiopacity even at low thickness, excellent wettability and easy application (even in deep cavities) make it the perfect partner for all your posterior restorations!
G-ænial Flo X is ideal for all the traditional flowable indications:
  • As a liner or to block undercuts
  • In tunnel preparations
  • For the restoration of small cavities and defects
  • As a fissure sealant
G-ænial Flo X benefits from the following unique features:
  • Low viscosity optimal for lining, and excellent wettability for immediate adaptation to the cavity walls
  • High radiopacity even at low thickness (303% at 1mm thickness, 284% at 0.5mm) to ensure perfect visibility on X-rays and easy detection of secondary caries
  • Comfortable application with a new ergonomic syringe design featuring a thin nozzle and easy extrusion
  • Balanced physical properties for the best compromise between strength and flowability
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