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G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:High-strength restorative composite

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:
High-strength restorative composite

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G-ænial Universal Injectable

High-strength restorative composite

G-ænial Universal Injectable is a universal restorative composite displaying exceptional strength & resistance for long-lasting aesthetic restorations.

Featuring a high load of ultra-fine Barium particles and GCʼs Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technology, G-ænial Universal Injectable is incredibly strong - even stronger than leading paste composites on the market.

Thanks to these amazing properties, G-ænial Universal Injectable is indicated for all cavity classes without covering layer.
It also features a high radiopacity of 252% - ideal to follow up your restorations and to easily detect any secondary caries.
Its unique highly thixotropic viscosity adapts to any clinical situation: the material does not slump during placement, but can flow when moved around with an instrument. It also does not stick to the tip, which eases the application.

G-ænial Universal Injectable features dispensing tips with a long needle that can be curved simply by applying a light pressure with your fingers. This will give you access to any difficult posterior cavity!

On top of all this, G-ænial Universal Injectable offers an unsurpassed polishability and gloss retention and comes in 16 shades in three translucency levels - making it an excellent choice for long-term aesthetics.
  • Direct restorative for Class I, II, III, IV and V cavities
  • Fissure sealant
  • Sealing hypersensitive areas
  • Repair of (in)direct aesthetic restorations, temporary crown & bridge, defect margins when margins are in enamel
  • Blocking out undercuts
  • Liner or base
  • Realisation of crowns & bridges, inlays and veneers using the indirect technique in combination with GRADIA or GRADIA PLUS components
  • Splinting of teeth in combination with fibres such as GC everStick fibres
  • Stop covering!
    • Exceptional strength & wear resistance thanks to the combination of ultra-fine Barium fillers & GCʼs Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technology
    • Suitable for any cavity class without size limitation
    • Strong enough without the need to cover with a conventional composite
  • Start injecting!
    • Unique thixotropic viscosity, optimal for free-hand build-up of cusps
    • Shorter finishing steps as the anatomy is already created
  • Enjoy the handling!
    • New syringe design featuring easy extrusion & no uncontrolled flow-out
    • Optimal viscosity to easily separate the material from the tip
    • New tips with a long bendable needle for unparalleled access to difficult posterior cavities
  • Make your aesthetics long-lasting!
    • Wide range of shades in three levels of translucency
    • Excellent polishability and gloss retention
Instructions For Use I acknowledge that the below IFUs are provided solely for informative purposes. The only official instructions for use of the product remain those included in the product package.
ManualG-aenial Universal Injectable Technical Manual
Restorative Solutions
LeafletsG-aenial Universal Injectable
Science and StudiesReferences
Safety Data SheetsPlease select your country in order to see the SDS that are relevant to you.
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Ordering Info
901471GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), XBW
901472GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), BW
901473GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), A1
901474GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), A2
901475GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), A3
901476GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), A3.5
901477GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), A4
901478GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), B1
901479GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), B2
901480GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), CV
901481GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), CVD
901482GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), AO1
901483GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), AO2
901484GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), AO3
901485GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), JE
901486GC G-ænial Universal Injectable, Syringe 1x1mL (1,7g), AE
901503GC Dispensing Tip Long Needle (30 pc.)
901532Injection Moulding Kit
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