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Initial INmetalbond from GC:Buffer between Initial metal ceramics and dental alloys

Initial INmetalbond from GC:
Buffer between Initial metal ceramics and dental alloys

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Initial INmetalbond

Buffer between Initial metal ceramics and dental alloys

INmetalbond is used as a thin layer between the alloy and the first Opaque layer.

The INmetalbond blocks the escaping metal oxides and neutralizes differences in the expansion coefficient.
The bonder does not increase the bonding strength as such but allows a wider span of CTE compatibility.
Can be used on all PFM alloys, precious as well as non-precious.
  • Easy to apply
  • Ready-to-use paste
  • Neutralises differences in the expansion coefficient between Initial metal ceramics and dental alloys
  • Improves and secures the chemical bond on various types of alloys
  • Allows a wider span of CTE Compatibility
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