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Initial LiSi from GC:Specialized ceramic for lithium disilicate

Initial LiSi from GC:
Specialized ceramic for lithium disilicate

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Initial LiSi

Specialized ceramic for lithium disilicate

With Initial LiSi, GC offers a highly aesthetic feldspar veneering ceramic adapted to the light-dynamics of lithium disilicate frameworks.
With this type of frameworks gaining popularity, GC now offers a solution for highly aesthetic and durable restorations for long-term patient satisfaction.

Initial LiSi is characterised by a precisely adapted coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), low firing temperatures and maximum stability even after multiple firings.

But Initial LiSi will mainly impress you with its excellent aesthetics on lithium disilicate frameworks, particularly in terms of their optical dynamics.
Initial LiSi can be used both in the individual layering and in the cut-back technique following the proven Initial ceramic concept - One shade system - One layering technique.

If you want to go even further, full anatomical frameworks can be enhanced by staining using the Initial Lustre Pastes NF.
  • Superior natural aesthetics, specially designed and adapted to the light-dynamics of lithium disilicate frameworks
  • Low firing temperature and exactly cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion with high stability, even after multiple firings
  • Comprehensive shade and layering system
  • Simple handling and short learning curve
  • Quick, aesthetic and economical results
ManualInitial LiSi - Shades
Initial LiSi
Initial Technique Guide
LeafletsInitial LiSi
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