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Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:
Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:
Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

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Leucite reinforced glass ceramic CAD/CAM block

GC is proud to extend its CAD/CAM consumable portfolio with Initial LRF, a leucite-reinforced feldspar CAD/CAM block in five high and low translucency V-shades for full-contour, all-ceramic indirect restorations.
The blocks offer a nature analogue light dynamic with a perfectly balanced translucency, fluorescence and opalescent character.

Fast and easy handling: just mill, polish and cement.
Fabrication of full contour all ceramic indirect restorations:
  • Single anterior and posterior crowns - partial and full
  • Inlay
  • Onlay
  • Veneers
  • Endo crowns on molars
  • High density - less risk of chipping
  • Extremely smooth surface after milling
  • No firing necessary to get outstanding physical properties
  • Easy polishing with conventional manual and mechanical tools
  • Chameleon effect for optimal colour integration
  • Dedicated Glaze Paste for ceramic firing
Instructions For UseInitial LRF BLOCK
ManualInitial LRF BLOCK Clinical Guide
LeafletsInitial LRF BLOCK
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Ordering Info

GC Initial LRF BLOCK - CEREC®/inLab

876501GC Initial LRF A1-HT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876502GC Initial LRF A1-HT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876503GC Initial LRF A1-HT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876504GC Initial LRF A1-LT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876505GC Initial LRF A1-LT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876506GC Initial LRF A1-LT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876507GC Initial LRF A2-HT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876508GC Initial LRF A2-HT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876509GC Initial LRF A2-HT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876510GC Initial LRF A2-LT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876511GC Initial LRF A2-LT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876512GC Initial LRF A2-LT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876513GC Initial LRF A3-HT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876514GC Initial LRF A3-HT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876515GC Initial LRF A3-HT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876516GC Initial LRF A3-LT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876517GC Initial LRF A3-LT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876518GC Initial LRF A3-LT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876519GC Initial LRF A3.5-HT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876520GC Initial LRF A3.5-HT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876521GC Initial LRF A3.5-HT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876522GC Initial LRF A3.5-LT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876523GC Initial LRF A3.5-LT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876524GC Initial LRF A3.5-LT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876525GC Initial LRF B1-HT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876526GC Initial LRF B1-HT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876527GC Initial LRF B1-HT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876528GC Initial LRF B1-LT-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876529GC Initial LRF B1-LT-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876530GC Initial LRF B1-LT-14L CEREC 5 pcs
876531GC Initial LRF BL-12 CEREC 5 pcs
876532GC Initial LRF BL-14 CEREC 5 pcs
876533GC Initial LRF BL-14L CEREC 5 pcs

GC Initial LRF BLOCK - Universal

876551GC Initial LRF A1-HT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876552GC Initial LRF A1-HT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876553GC Initial LRF A1-HT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876554GC Initial LRF A1-LT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876555GC Initial LRF A1-LT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876556GC Initial LRF A1-LT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876557GC Initial LRF A2-HT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876558GC Initial LRF A2-HT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876559GC Initial LRF A2-HT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876560GC Initial LRF A2-LT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876561GC Initial LRF A2-LT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876562GC Initial LRF A2-LT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876563GC Initial LRF A3-HT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876564GC Initial LRF A3-HT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876565GC Initial LRF A3-HT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876566GC Initial LRF A3-LT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876567GC Initial LRF A3-LT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876568GC Initial LRF A3-LT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876569GC Initial LRF A3.5-HT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876570GC Initial LRF A3.5-HT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876571GC Initial LRF A3.5-HT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876572GC Initial LRF A3.5-LT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876573GC Initial LRF A3.5-LT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876574GC Initial LRF A3.5-LT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876575GC Initial LRF B1-HT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876576GC Initial LRF B1-HT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876577GC Initial LRF B1-HT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876578GC Initial LRF B1-LT-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876579GC Initial LRF B1-LT-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876580GC Initial LRF B1-LT-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876581GC Initial LRF BL-12 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876582GC Initial LRF BL-14 UNIVERSAL 5 pcs
876583GC Initial LRF BL-14L UNIVERSAL 5 pcs

GC Initial LRF Glaze Paste & Liquid

876590GC Initial LRF Glaze Paste & Liquid
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