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Initial MC from GC:The ultimate metal ceramic system

Initial MC from GC:
The ultimate metal ceramic system

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Initial MC

The ultimate metal ceramic system

The GC Initial MC ceramic system offers new perspectives for metal ceramic indications.

The feldspar portion and the excellent light-optical properties release an enormously high aesthetic potential, whether you work with standard layering techniques for ease and quickness or with life-like layering techniques for the highest aesthetic demands.
The CTE is adapted to all conventional alloy types, irrespective of whether they contain silver, have a reduced gold content or are palladium-based. Even NEM and galvano crowns can be easily used for veneering with ceramic.

With Initial MC, no need to worry about shrinkage during the firing process, even with high gold content alloys.
GC Initial MC perfectly adapted to all conventional precious & non precious dental alloys.

With the modular system you can evolve from the 3 layer technique in steps towards an individual multi-layer approach.

The system can be combined with the Lustre Pastes NF and all other Initial MC system components such as bleach, gum and CST shades.
  • Optimised shrinkage properties and good polishability
  • Effect materials for all the different staining and layering techniques
  • Both powder and paste opaque’s are available
  • Perfectly coordinated components including bleach and gum shades
  • Cross-system logic for all materials and shade matching
  • Simple handling and short learning curve
  • Quick, aesthetic and economical results
  • Easy & fast application combined with a short learning curve facilitate and economical way of working
ManualInitial MC CST
Initial MC
Initial MC gum shades
Initial Technique Guide
LeafletsInitial Metal Ceramics
Initial Bleach Shades
Initial Gum Shades
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