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Reline from GC:Hard chairside denture relining material

Reline from GC:
Hard chairside denture relining material

A perfect fit for ultimate comfort

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Hard chairside denture relining material

MMA-free resin for durable long-term relining of full and partial dentures.
Suitable for chairside and laboratory-made long-term relining procedures.
  • Methyl methacrylate-free - no unpleasant odours, lower risk of allergies
  • Will not irritate the oral mucosa thanks to a maximum temperature of 40°C during setting
  • Exceptional consistency that provides a perfect anatomical fit
  • Incredibly accurate with minimised potential for distortion during removal
  • Patients spend less time in the chair since you can finish and polish just 5½ minutes after mixing
  • Good adhesion between Reline and the denture base
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