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RELINE II Soft from GC:Soft silicone-based relining material

RELINE II Soft from GC:
Soft silicone-based relining material

Fit and comfort for an active life

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Soft silicone-based relining material

RELINE II Soft is an A-silicone material providing comfort and long-lasting elasticity for indications of sharp or bony alveolar ridges and undercuts. It is used to adapt dentures after extractions or implant surgeries.
Suitable for chairside and lab relining procedures.
  1. Relining of dentures in case of thin sensitive mucosa and resorbed ridges
  2. Relining of dentures in case of sharp and bony ridges
  3. Relining of dentures in case of bony undercuts (with difficulties involving insertion and/or removal of the denture)
  4. Relining of implant-supported dentures
  • Resilient: acts as a cushion between the denture and the oral tissue to buffer masticatory pressure and solve anatomical problems
  • Can stay in place for weeks or months
  • Convenient cartridge delivery
  • Ideal viscosity, flowing under pressure to adapt to anatomical details
  • Long-lasting comfort & gentle relief: the material’s surface remains elastic, smooth and clean over time
  • RELINE II Primer for Resin provides a long-lasting adhesion to the underlying denture
  • RELINE II Remover for Resin makes it possible to easily remove & replace the relining layer
  • RELINE II Finishing Material can be used to further seal the margins
Instructions For Use I acknowledge that the below IFUs are provided solely for informative purposes. The only official instructions for use of the product remain those included in the product package.
ManualRELINE II Technique Guide
LeafletsRELINE II (Extra)Soft
Safety Data SheetsPlease select your country in order to see the SDS that are relevant to you.
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Ordering Info

Intro Kit

010259GC RELINE II Soft Intro Kit (1x GC RELINE II Soft Cartridge, 1x GC RELINE II Primer for Resin, 1x GC RELINE II Point for Trimming, 1x GC RELINE II Wheel for finishing, 1x GC RELINE II Remover for Resin)


010265GC RELINE II Soft Cartridge, 48 mL
010273GC RELINE II Primer for Resin, 10 mL
010271GC RELINE II Finishing Material (Modifier), 1-1 Pack, 2x 9mL
010275GC RELINE II Remover for Resin, 5,5mL
010277GC RELINE II Point for Trimming x3
010280GC RELINE II Wheel for Finishing x 12
010283GC RELINE II Disposable Brush x 6
900114GC Universal Mixing Tips II Size L (green/blue) x60
800006GC Cartridge Dispenser II
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