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A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...

A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life

GRADIA PLUS from GC:Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Modular composite system for indirect restorations

Where innovation meets indication

Initial LiSi Press from GC:Press for Perfection

Initial LiSi Press from GC:
Press for Perfection

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:High-strength restorative composite

G-ænial Universal Injectable from GC:
High-strength restorative composite

Strong like rock

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Initial LRF BLOCK from GC:
Beauty and strength in the blink of an eye

Click here to read their recommendations in...

Click here to read their recommendations in the Journal of Dental Research

Listen to GC Europeʼs Dental Podcast Series recorded at IDS 2019.

Listen to GC Europeʼs Dental Podcast Series recorded at IDS 2019.

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All materials for the placement of aesthetic, direct restorations - from bio-mimetic solutions and adhesive bonding procedures to the last steps of finishing and polishing. Each of our products is optimised for its specific indications, with a focus on low technique sensitivity, ease of use and patient-friendliness - combined with superior aesthetics and strength.
Bonding & ConditioningIn this category you will find a wide range of products that combine ease of use with durable bonding and conditioning agents for an enhanced performance of your direct restorations. Regardless of the restorative material used (composite or glass ionomer), these products offer long-lasting adhesion with almost no post-operative sensitivity.

Cavity Conditioner - Cavity cleaning agent
Dentin Conditioner - Cavity cleaning agent
Fuji BOND LC - Light-cured glass ionomer bonding agent
G-BOND - One-component self-etching light-cured adhesive
G-Premio BOND - One-component light-cured universal adhesive
G-ænial Bond - One-component self-etching light-cured adhesive
Repair Kit - Chairside kit for all intra-oral repairs
Unifil Bond - Self-etching light-cured bonding system
Finishing & PolishingPoints, strips, pastes and coatings to refine your shaped direct restorations in glass ionomer and composite to their final state, with high gloss and smooth margins. Interproximal finishing is optimised with strips, while the coats and varnishes ensure high surface gloss and protection.

Brown Silicone Points - For preliminary finishing
DiaPolisher Paste - Diamond polishing paste
Epitex - Finishing and polishing strips
Fuji COAT LC - Light-cured protective Varnish
Fuji VARNISH - Protective varnish
G-COAT PLUS - Nanofilled self-adhesive light-cured protective coating
New Metal Strips - Finishing and polishing strips
RestorativesAll of GCʼs direct restoratives are designed to restore the teeth in a durable and aesthetically pleasing way. Each product class features optimised properties to match the intended use.
GC has a long-lasting tradition with glass ionomers. With recent improvements in their strength and aesthetics, they offer a biomimetic restorative solution and can be used as an alternative to amalgam and composites.
Next to those, composites offer highly aesthetic restorations that will perfectly blend with natural tooth tissues. In the posterior area, extensive restorations can also be reinforced thanks to a range of materials incorporating glass fibers.

Cocoa Butter - Separating medium
EQUIA - Self-adhesive bulk fill posterior restorative system
EQUIA Forte - Bulk fill glass hybrid restorative system
EQUIA Forte HT - Bulk fill glass hybrid long term restorative system
Essentia - Light-cured radiopaque universal composite restorative
Essentia HiFlo - Universal light-cured composite with high flowability
Essentia LoFlo - Universal light-cured composite with low flowability
everStickC&B - Glass fibre reinforcement for minimally invasive composite bridges
everStickNET - Glass fibre reinforcement for labial splinting
everStickORTHO - Glass fibre reinforcement for aesthetic orthodontic retainers
everStickPERIO - Glass fibre reinforcement for periodontal splinting
everX Flow - Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement
everX Posterior - Fibre-reinforced composite for dentin replacement
Fuji II - Glass ionomer restorative cement
Fuji II LC - Light-cured glass ionomer restorative
Fuji IX GP - Packable glass ionomer restorative
Fuji LINING LC - Light-cured glass ionomer lining material
Fuji VIII GP - Auto-cured resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative
G-ænial - Light-cured radiopaque composite restorative
G-ænial Flo X - Light-cured radiopaque flowable composite
G-ænial Universal Flo - High-strength injectable light-cured restorative composite
G-ænial Universal Injectable - High-strength restorative composite
Gradia Direct - Light-cured anterior & posterior composite restorative
Gradia Direct Flo - Light-cured flowable hybrid composite
Gradia Direct LoFlo - High-viscosity flowable micro-filled hybrid composite with HDR technology
Kalore - Restorative material with new monomer technology from DuPont
Miracle Mix - Silver alloy / glass ionomer restorative cement
Modeling Liquid - Liquid to model composite materials for direct restorations
StickRESIN - Light-cured enamel adhesive for use with Stick and everStick fibre products
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