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Saliva-Check Buffer from GC:Chairside test to evaluate saliva’s ability to protect teeth and motivate your patients

Saliva-Check Buffer from GC:
Chairside test to evaluate saliva’s ability to protect teeth and motivate your patients

Identify natural protection for teeth

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Saliva-Check Buffer

In-office test to evaluate quality of saliva

Saliva Check Buffer kit is divided into 5 different steps, the first 3 steps involving unstimulated saliva while the last 2 steps involve the stimulated saliva.
As the functions and characteristics of these two forms of saliva are different, by evaluating both, the test results will become very useful diagnostic and powerful communication tools to the patients.
Saliva-Check Buffer is very useful to identify contributing factors like stress, smoking, disease, salivary gland pathology, chronical renal failure, drug abuse, menopausal hormone imbalance and medicine side effect.
The results can be explained to the patient as part of the discussion about prevention and treatment.
  • Checks the flow rate, viscosity and consistency of non-stimulated saliva to inform how the patientʼs lifestyle influences their oral health.
  • Checks the pH of the patientʼs resting saliva to determine whether acid levels are dangerously high, possibly causing erosion or caries problems.
  • Checks the quantity of stimulated saliva to enable you to identify any major salivary gland diseases.
  • Checks the buffering capacity of stimulated saliva to define the effectiveness of the saliva in neutralizing acids in the mouth.
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SCB Test Result Form
Saliva-Check Buffer
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