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Unifast TRAD from GC:Acrylic for temporary restorations

Unifast TRAD from GC:
Acrylic for temporary restorations

Because successful treatments start with professional provisional care

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Unifast TRAD

Acrylic for temporary restorations

Temporary treatment of prepared teeth and gaps is an essential part of successful, well-fitting prosthetic work, and must take account of functional, periodontal and aesthetic aspects.
Unifast TRAD matches precisely to the requirements of short-term, temporary restorations.
Based on methyl methacrylate resin this product meets the needs for speed of treatment, problem-free removal during the setting phase as well as the economical aspect.

The advantages of this class of material perfectly satisfy the particular demands associated with the short-term provision of temporary inlays or onlays, single crowns and short-span bridges.
Universal resin for the short-term provision of temporary inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges and repair of (partial) dentures.
  • Good wettability of powder and liquid makes it easy to produce a homogeneous, bubble-free mix
  • Typical rubbery elasticity allows problem-free removal of the temporary restoration
  • “Memory effect” to prevent any lasting deformation during removal
  • Choice of several shades for both versions
  • Highly economical
  • Practice-oriented working time for economical and time-saving treatment of patients. Only 2ʼ30” after mixing, the temporary restoration can be removed from the mouth
  • Additional shades for the repair of partial and full dentures
Instructions For Use I acknowledge that the below IFUs are provided solely for informative purposes. The only official instructions for use of the product remain those included in the product package.
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